First off, let me start by introducing ourselves. We are NU-Vision Entertainment and Productions LLC. We are a startup company but we are anticipating to be one of if not the best recording, entertainment, and productions companies in the state of Georgia, and the world!!

Our main goal is to provide talented individuals with the opportunity to be successful in the music and arts industry. We are looking for songwriters, producers, engineers, and artists, who don't have access to the resources that could make them stars. Not to mention, the potential to make a lot of cash money!

All we ask is that you are serious about working in this industry. Thats it! Work hard and and be successful. NVEP will take care of everything! All qualified clients will go through pre production in our studio first. Afterwards, the final cuts will be done postproduction at a partnership studio with engineers that have years of experience doing what they do. After postproduction, we will handle promotions, show bookings, and venue. Just remember one thing, this is like an internship or apprenticeship. Revenue will be discussed when the money starts to flow from your work. But don't worry, if you give us and your talent 100%, you will be setting yourself up to make a lot of cash!

So thats it. Sweet deal huh? This is something you can't find anywhere in the world! This is the opportunity of a lifetime, SO DONT MISS OUT!! Contact one of our friendly staff members right away so we can schedule a meeting to discuss this amazing opportunity together and make history!




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